Bathroom Plans

There are so many decisions to make when remodeling a bathroom! Where do you start when picking materials? The shower walls? The vanity? The bathroom floors? I found that after collecting many pins on Pinterest and photos on Houzz it is really critical to look over your favorites and figure out what they all have in common. I found that all of mine have a farmhouse theme.

I have finally made some decisions on the bathroom that gets used by my kids but also by any guest that comes over. We only have 2 bathrooms so this one is the one that is seen by more people more often.

The shower walls will be a white beveled subway tile from Daltile:

download (1) download

The floors will be a grey wood tile:


The 36 inch vanity will either be white or grey. Here are some possible options:


Planning a Powder Room

I’m currently planning a remodel and it is really hard to make decisions when you like so many styles. In order to really nail down the style I want for my home, I decided to look at all my pins on Pinterest and idea books on Houzz. I found that all my favorites have shiplap in the bathrooms and a slightly rustic feel.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for reclaimed wood, mason jars, and Edison bulbs!

I came across this amazing bathroom recently from Jenna Sue Design Blog. A bunch of bloggers were doing the One Room Challenge and this is Jenna Sue’s beautiful bathroom!



Check out her before shot:


I hope Jenna Sue doesn’t mind, but I’m using her bathroom as my inspiration. She generously provides all the sources, as well as her thought process while designing the room. Check out her bathroom sources. I love every detail in her bathroom, but I know I will need to make some changes.

Check back occasionally to see my progress on this room, as well as other rooms….

Foodie Friday


I love these burritos!

A few years ago, two friends told me that if they were ever on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate,” they would both pick this burrito. Now, I know they meant fresh burritos from the actual restaurant, but this sure does the trick. One day, I visited one of those friends after she had knee surgery, and I offered to stop to pick us up some on my way. She then told me to make sure they add shredded cheese and green onions. It was delicious!

I now buy these burritos by the case from Smart & Final. They are my go-to lunch when I am home alone and nothing else sounds good. Occasionally, I will open it up halfway through cooking it and sneak in some shredded cheese and green onions.

Ramona’s Mexican Food

Speakeasy Party

When I turned 40, I knew I wanted a speakeasy theme and started working on it very early.

I couldn’t find invitations I liked (at the price I liked), so I made my own at Zazzle. The one I created was very similar to this one, but had a gold background. I decided I wanted to use black, gold, teal, and plum as my party colors. I also used peacock feathers in my party decor and used clip art of a peacock feather in my invitation. I also was able to take advantage of a 40% off sale by ordering the invitations early.


I named my speakeasy Roscoe’s Rendezvous. A friend of mine calls me Roscoe and it seemed like fun to pretend my house was actually a club.

I collected wine bottles and jars and spray painted them gold. I used them as vases and candleholders wherever I could. A friend gave some gold paper and I printed out some House Rules and labels for the food and drinks. I used a tag punch and tied the tags onto mason jars so guests could write their names and reuse the glasses. I even printed out water labels with RR on the gold paper.

DSCN2320 DSCN2322 - Version 2  DSC_7914DSC_7954

I used either black tablecloths or purple tablecloths with teal taffeta runners. I got the taffeta from a cheap fabric store. I also used it as a backdrop for our photobooth. I made a garland with tissue paper tassels. Some tassels were black and some were gold. I bought gold tissue paper at Michaels.


I also took any old wooden crates I could find and painted Roscoe’s Rendezvous or RR on them. I can’t believe I don’t have any pictures of those!

A friend makes amazing cakes and she worked with me to create this one-incorporating my peacock feathers.


The party was the bees knees! I was so impressed that everyone dressed up. We even pulled off converting our family room into a dance party place!

Things that float my boat…

Planning a beverage center!

So, hopefully sometime in the next year we are going to actually start the remodel of our home. There are so many decisions that we will have to make, but right now I’m collecting inspiration for a beverage center.

We have a corner of the kitchen that is about 4 1/2 feet wide and it is between a door to the side yard and the door to the garage. I like the idea of having a small refrigerator there, along with all of our barware. We want a refrigerator that is colder than a wine refrigerator because beer just gets enjoyed more in our house than wine does! I also want to keep our coffee maker there. I will be nice to have it a little more out of the way and not use up valuable counter space.

Check out some of my finds…

From Blue Water Home Builders:

Kitchen 05

I found this one on Home Bunch:


I like that the coffeemaker is on a shelf that can be pulled out or closed in. This one was found at Decor Pad.


From Houzz, another coffeemaker that gets hidden, along with a drawer for the k-cups…


              This one has great big drawers for the bottles of booze:

I like this one because it has a little garage to hide the coffeemaker…